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The Big 6

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MISD Research Statement:

Students research a topic through a variety of sources to gain knowledge, discern credibility and synthesize information. Students use this information to create a credible, organized and informative product using appropriate style and citation. Mastery of these skills will enable students to ascertain the value and validity of information not only in the academic setting but in real world applications as well.

1.  Task Definition

The goal of Task Definition is to determine the information problem to be solved, reformulate a complete statement of the task, pick out keywords embedded in a question, ask a good question, and understand and follow printed and/or oral directions.

Before You Research

2.  Information Seeking Strategies

The goal of Information Seeking Strategies is to develop alternatives and to seek a variety of materials, determine which information is most/least important, recognize that information can be gathered from many sources, including investigation, observation, and human resources.

Begin research

3. Location and Access

The goal of location and access is to determine what sources are available, gather resources, and determine if the resources are usable.  The user should be able to access appropriate information systems, including online databases, online public access catalog, and electronic multimedia.

Choosing information sources

4. Use of Information

The goal of use of information is to distinguish facts from opinion.  The user should be able to accurately and completely summarize/paraphrase the main idea from written and oral sources, accurately cite sources, and acquire information.

Putting information together

5.  Synthesis

The goal of synthesis is to organize the information in a clear, coherent presentation and present the information in ways appropriate to the task.  The user will personally design products that communicate the content.

Check your work

6.  Evaluation

The goal of evaluation is to demonstrate a high degree of confidence in the quality of the product produced.  The student will assess the product for completeness, strengths, and weaknesses.  It is important for the student to develop criteria to determine the effectiveness of the process used to solve the problem, provide recommendations to improve results, and determine the need for further information.


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