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K & 1st Grade Report Cards

Kinder and 1st Grade Reporting

Magnolia ISD uses a Standards-Based Report Card (SBRC) at the kindergarten and first grade levels.  Standards describe what a student should know and be able to do at each grade level in all subjects.  This report card is designed to give parents information about how their children are progressing.

Skills and concepts are rated using a numeric rubric.  The rubric represents a child’s overall understanding of all standards taught within a particular reporting period.  The rubric will also provide information on the student’s social and emotional development.

The rubric is listed below.

4 -student understand the concept/ skill beyond grade level expectations

3 -student exhibits mastery of skill/ concept, which is the goal for our students

2 -student exhibits mastery of the skill/ concept with minimal guidance

1 -student exhibits mastery of the skill/ concept with direct guidance

Below is further information regarding kindergarten and first grade report cards.

Standards-Based Report Card Information