Dyslexia Services

The Magnolia ISD dyslexia program is designed to provide short-term reading intervention for children identified as having characteristics of dyslexia.  Intervention servers are offered to qualifying students in all grades.  The components of instruction include explicit, systematic, and sequential multi-sensory instruction.  Magnolia ISD teachers are trained in dyslexia intervention strategies, which target the five areas of reading: phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency,, vocabulary and comprehension.  The goal of the dyslexia intervention program is for students to gain accurate and fluent reading.
Student Eligibility
Magnolia ISD takes a proactive approach in identifying reading disabilities, such as dyslexia and learning disabilities, through early identification and intervention.  This is accomplished through the Response to Intervention (RTI) model.  During the course of the school year, students struggling in the area of reading and believed to have a disability will be referred to Special Services for testing.  The parent may also initiate a request for referral for dyslexia or learning disability at any time.  Parents of students that are wanting testing, please contact your 504 Campus Coordinator.  
District Dyslexia Contacts:
Veronica Tristan
Program Specialist for Dyslexia
281.252.2111 ext. 1201
Parent Resources
International Literacy Association
Neuhaus Education Center  
Texas Education Agency
Yale Center for Dyslexia and Creativity
Accessible Instructional Materials
Technology Integration for Students with Dyslexia
International Dyslexia Association