Concepts and activities are extended to provide enrichment. The curriculum in kindergarten through grade 2 focuses primarily on creative thinking and problem-solving. In grades 3 and 4, the program provides acceleration and in-depth study in thematic units with an emphasis on creative thinking, global thinking development and individual research skills, scientific problem solving, and decision-making. The students explore a variety of sources of information as they learn to collect and organize data. The instructional program allows gifted children at a given grade level to work together on a specific activity for several days during a grading period. These activities are cross-curricular and encourage creativity and problem-solving.
Advanced Academics for elementary grades 3- 4:
REACH (Recognizing Excellence in Academic Achievement) is an exciting program that allows gifted and high achieving students to research, pursue, and develop their interests and abilities beyond the classroom environment.

The goal of the program is to prepare students in grades 3-4 for a wide range of secondary and post-secondary programs by developing an intellectual curiosity that develops them into life-long learners and allows them to reach their full potential.
Jaclyn Finke
Elementary Advanced Academics Teacher
Magnolia Parkway and Smith Elementary Schools
Kerrie Gustin
Elementary Advanced Academics Teacher
Magnolia and Williams Elementary Schools
Natashia Foglesong
Elementary Advanced Academics Teacher
Lyon and Nichols Sawmill Elementary Schools
Whitney Turner
Elementary Advanced Academics Teacher
Bear Branch and Ellisor Elementary Schools