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Secondary Level

The program at the secondary level begins a transformation to Pre-AP, High School Credit courses, AP and Dual credit courses. Students may be identified as needing advanced services in one or all core subjects depending on their strengths. Pre-AP and AP classes with fast-paced, differentiated, accelerated instruction are provided in the four content areas, as well as several elective areas. In addition, Dual Credit courses are available in several core areas. Students who take these courses must be enrolled at Tomball College. Students may receive high school and college credit for these courses.

Advanced Placement courses are college level courses which provide a rigorous course of study for gifted learners. Students work with college-level material and are expected to take an Advanced Placement test through the College Board. If students achieve a grade of "3" or better on these exams, they may be awarded college credit for their performance.

Mathematics/Advanced Academics
Susie Johnson