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On November 3, 2015, voters of Magnolia ISD community approved a bond package, totaling $92 million. The bond package provides facilities to accommodate our current and future growth, addresses aging campuses and campus improvements, provides additional safety and security, and 10 new buses.
The bond website will be transitioned into a bond construction website in order to keep our citizens information about the status of the bond projects.
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In response to student enrollment growth, as well as aging facilities and capital improvement needs, the Magnolia ISD Board of Trustees asked for a review of current and future facility needs. 
The Facility Planning Committee (FPC), consisting of parents, community members and business members, met for four months to conduct the study. The FPC analyzed enrollment projections (demographics), toured existing facilities, and reviewed district financials and tax implications. They examined elementary and junior high capacities, technology upgrades, updates to safety and security measures, and reviewed different facility planning solutions. 
The FPC presented the $92 million bond recommendation to the MISD School Board on May 18, 2015. After reviewing the committee's recommendation and the goals of the district, the MISD School Board officially called a bond referendum on Monday, August 17, 2015.

Magnolia ISD Review

  • Last bond election 2004
    • Built Magnolia West High School
    • Built Magnolia Parkway Elementary
  • 2014-2015 enrollment 12,458 students
  • 5% growth since 2010
  • Aging facilities:
    • Magnolia 6th campus 78 years old
    • Magnolia Jr. High 37 years old
    • Bear Branch 6th campus 32 years old
    • Magnolia Elementary 45 years old
    • Williams Elementary 76 years old