Comparison of Programs


Random Drug Testing


Parent Choice Program


Who can be selected for drug testing?

All students who participate in school-sponsored extracurricular activities.


All students who purchase a parking permit.


A parent/guardian’s child in grades 9-12.

Who pays for the test?

The District.


The parent/guardian.


What is the collection method?

Urine sample.


Urine sample.


Who will get the test results?

The District will be notified of the results.


The parent/guardian will be the only one notified of the results.


What if the test result is positive?

The consequences are as follows:

First positive test – parents are notified and District interventions


Second positive test – suspension for 30 days


Third positive test – suspension for 1 year

Parents will choose the consequence(s) for their child.

What are resource options for parents?


The District drug and alcohol substance abuse counselor.


Contact your school counselor for other resources.


Montgomery County Youth Services


List of other resources