The Confidential Parent Option Program

The Confidential Parent Option Program serves a deterrent to the use of drugs by students and gives students another reason to resist peer influence and maintain a drug-free lifestyle. This option has been made available in effort to support our families with the intent of opening conversations between parents and students. The program offers several advantages:
  • encourages parents and students to engage in a meaningful conversation about drugs,
  • provides an excuse for students to resist peer pressure,
  • enforces a drug-free environment, and
  • voluntary drug testing is an aid for prevention. It enables parents to get involved early and seek assistance if their child tests positive.
All students benefit from a drug-free school environment. Giving the option for parents to participate in this confidential, voluntary drug testing program provides protection for your child and gives the student a way out of peer pressure.
Testing Procedures
Tests are conducted by an independent medical laboratory. Results are reported directly to and only to the parent or guardian. The results are strictly confidential. There is neither school punishment nor the involvement of law enforcement through the parent voluntary program.

How to Participate
The parent or guardian can submit a request for students in grades 9-12, that their son/daughter be drug tested during the next testing at their campus. The parent/guardian will be responsible for the cost of the test.