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Stadium Policies

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The following items will be enforced for the benefit and safety of all spectators:

  • Live animal mascots, cannons, firearms, fireworks, etc. are prohibited at League athletic contests. Releasing balloons is prohibited at League athletic contests held outdoors. [UIL Constitution and Contest Rules: section 1208 (n)]
  • No outside food or drink. This does not apply to band, drill team, or cheerleaders.
  • No coolers or backpacks will be allowed in the stadiums.
  • No smoking or tobacco use of any kind in or around the stadium.
  • Law prohibits firearms and weapons of any kind.
  • If leaving the stadium you must purchase another ticket to re-enter.
  • No spectators will be allowed on the field at any time prior to, during, or after the game.
  • No standing or sitting on any rails or fences.
  • No loitering in aisles, walkways, or stairs.
  • Crossover to the opposite side of the stadium is prohibited at any time except for performing groups at halftime.
  • No skateboards, bicycles, roller blades, Frisbees, or balls of any type are allowed in the stadium.
  • No animals or pets of any type are allowed in the stadium.
  • No solicitation of any type by any group other than athletic, band, cheer, and drill team booster clubs.
  • Anyone, not in uniform, on the sideline must have a sideline pass or school district I.D. badge.
  • No one other than players, coaches, trainers, and managers are allowed the “team area”. (25 yard line to 25 yard line)
  • No distribution of literature of any type will be allowed in the stadium or parking lots.
  • Victory lines shall be limited to drill teams, cheerleaders, and spirit groups.
  • Tailgate parties of any type are prohibited in the parking lots.