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Magnolia ISD Mathematics Program

Mathematics in Magnolia is not a stagnant field of textbook problems; rather, it is a dynamic way of constructing meaning about the world around us, generating new knowledge and understanding about the real world every day.

Magnolia ISD math classrooms are filled with students actively engaged in doing mathematics. They are metaphorically rolling up their sleeves and “doing mathematics” themselves, not watching others do the mathematics for them or in front of them.

  • Students are solving challenging problems and investigating meaningful real-world problems.
  • Students are making interdisciplinary connections. Such connections help students develop an understanding of the academic vocabulary required to “do mathematics” and connect the language of mathematical ideas with numerical representations.
  • Students are sharing mathematical ideas—discussing, refining, and critiquing each other’s ideas and understandings Communication occurs through paired work, small group work, or class presentations.
  • Teachers and students use multiple representations to communicate mathematical ideas.
  • Students in elementary and middle grades are just beginning to develop their sense of abstract reasoning so our classrooms are filled with concrete models and manipulatives.


High School


The intent of our high school mathematics program is to prepare all students to use mathematics and problem-solving skills in further education or on the job. Magnolia ISD focuses on mastering the TEKS, problem-solving, communicating mathematically, reasoning mathematically, applying mathematics to real-world situations, and using technology.

The high school mathematics program includes courses from algebra through calculus. Our High Schools offer the College Board Advanced Placement Program (AP Information) and the International Baccalaureate Program (IB Information) in mathematics.

We believe in High quality, Meaningful, and Relevant Mathematics for All!

Magnolia ISD Mathematics Vision

MISD will produce independent, resourceful, and rigorous thinkers who succeed in mathematics.

We believe that to become strong mathematical thinkers, students need both mastery of fundamental skills and conceptual understanding.

We believe that through our high-quality mathematics curriculum and instruction we engage hands, minds, and intellect through authentic, active learning that supports each student. These learning experiences link the concrete, representational, and abstract by applying critical thinking skills and problem-solving strategies in meaningful situations. Our students and teachers know communication is the key in our math classrooms. Through mathematical thinking and mathematical understanding, every student will be prepared to communicate effectively using the language of mathematics to meet any future challenge.

Susie Johnson
Director of Mathematics

Stefani Kulhanek Ed.D
Coordinator of Elementary Mathematics