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Science is in every facet of our lives. Students are naturally curious about the world around them. We encourage our teachers to nurture students’ curiosity to probe, inspect, explore, and discover. We use hands-on STEM activities and inquiry labs. A collaborative hands-on environment fosters students in problem-solving skills while engaging students with science concepts.

Our science department prides itself on making science instruction that is innovative, challenging, and engaging. Elementary and junior high campus libraries house Makerspaces, an extension of our science classroom.  Students explore, define a problem, research, create a solution and a prototype. Multiple campuses have been awarded science distinctions.

Jr High Courses

6th grade Science / Advanced Science

7th grade Science / Advanced Science

8th grade Science / Advanced Science

High School Courses

Anatomy and Physiology

Biology / Advanced Biology

Chemistry/ Advanced Chemistry

Integrated Physics and Chemistry


AP Physics 1

AP Physics 2

AP Physics Calculus

IB Physics

AP Biology

IB Biology

AP Chemistry

IB Chemistry

Aquatic Science


Earth Systems

Environmental Systems

IB Environmental Systems

AP Environmental Science

Forensic Science

Advanced Animal Science

Advanced Soil and Plant Science

Food Science

UT OnRamps DUal Enrollment: Introduction to Geosciences


Elementary science resource: STEMscopes was developed by Rice University specifically for STEM and our Texas standards (TEKS). You can learn more about STEMscopes and Accelerate Learning through this website.


Secondary science resource: Savvas Learning Company is an established, well-known education publisher. Learn more about Savvas Learning Company through this website: