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Early Childhood & Pre-K

Magnolia ISD Pre-Kindergarten Program

Pre-K is an intervention program for four-year-olds who have specific needs for schooling before the age of five when schooling begins for all students. Pre-K education in Texas is state-mandated and funded for students meeting the eligibility criteria. The program will focus on communication, pre-readiness concepts, and social/emotional development.

Magnolia ISD provides a full-day prekindergarten program for qualifying students in both English and Spanish Bilingual instructional settings at these campuses.

Pre-K Parent Engagement

The goal of Magnolia ISD is to nurture each child’s social, emotional, and academic needs. It is the mutual responsibility of families, schools, and communities to build relationships that support student learning and achievement, family well-being, and the continuous learning and development of children, families, and educators. 

Engaging families in their child’s learning helps create a foundation for the collaboration of mutual partners, embraces the individuality and uniqueness of families, and promotes a culture of learning that is child-centered, age-appropriate, and family-driven. 

Throughout the year, your child’s teacher will provide families with information about family engagement opportunities. You may also visit your child’s campus website for further information on family engagement opportunities.




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