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Risk Management - Worker's Compensation

​​​​​The District is committed to the health and safety of all employees in the workplace. If you are injured at work, it is our top priority to make sure you receive the care you need. To ensure you receive benefits due, please report any on the job injury or illness IMMEDIATELY to your supervisor.  

Workers' Compensation benefits help pay for medical treatment and replace part of the income lost while you recover from an injury. Employees who are unable to work due to a work-related injury or illness will be notified of their rights and responsibilities under the Texas Labor Code.

​​Employees with questions about workers' compensation should contact Stephanie Skinner in Human Resources at (281) 356-3571 extension 1604.

Best Practices for completing the Employee Report of Injury Packet:

  • ALL on-the-job injuries should be reported to the employee’s supervisor immediately even if he/she will not need medical attention or need to be off work. 
  • Along with the supervisor, the employee should complete the Employee Report of Injury Packet. The employee and supervisor will sign the form. 

Note: If the employee is not able to complete the form for any reason, the supervisor must complete the form with as much information as possible. A supplemental form can be completed and submitted when the employee is able to complete the form.

  • A copy of the completed Employee Report of Injury Packet should be sent to:

Stephanie Skinner, Human Resources

FAX: 281-259-7459 - Preferred Method

Phone: 281-356-3571 extension 1604


  • If necessary, obtain medical attention. Our carrier has a non-network policy/choice aspect.  Most urgent care centers accept workers’ compensation insurance.  Employees with severe injuries should proceed to an emergency room for treatment.
  • All paperwork received by the injured employee after each visit to a medical provider should be promptly forwarded to Stephanie Skinner in Human Resources.
  • When your doctor releases you to return to work, you must report to work at the beginning of your next regularly rescheduled shift. The DWC 73 work status report from your doctor indicating a return to work date or any work-related restrictions must be given to Stephanie Skinner and/or your supervisor.