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Doing Business with MISD

Magnolia Independent School District is made up of around 13,000 students spread over 16 campuses. This includes 2 high schools, 2 junior high schools, 2 intermediates, 8 elementary schools, and 2 alternate schools. The District also employees over 1,700 employees.

Magnolia ISD is a political subdivision of the State of Texas, and operates under specific legal requirement for the procurement of goods and services. The District is a tax exempt entity, and will supply tax-exempt forms upon request to the Business Office.

The purpose of the Magnolia ISD Purchasing Department is to ensure the compliance of state, federal, and local laws in the procurement process. The main mission of the Purchasing Department is to educate staff throughout the District on the correct purchasing procedures. Campuses and departments are able to make the proper purchasing decisions by utilizing cooperative programs, district-wide contracts, and through frequent communication with the Purchasing Department.