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2024-2025 Attendance Boundaries

The Magnolia Independent School District (MISD) is one of the fast growing school districts in the greater Houston area (Top 10 Hottest Communities in the Houston Area Q2-2023). With the growth and the new schools from the November 2022 Bond, it is necessary to evaluate the attendance boundaries of our schools. Right now this is for elementary boundaries and next year school year (2024 -2025), MISD will go through the same process for the intermediate #3 and junior high #3.

The reasons for evaluating the boundaries of elementary campuses are to:
  • accommodate the opening of Audubon Elementary to meet the demands of our growing population, and 
  • to accommodate shifts/growth in populations that occur over time. 

With fast growth, we need to plan for the future

Every time a new school opens, the district evaluates its boundaries to balance enrollment. The process takes approximately one calendar year as we review home developments and enrollment patterns, identify possible school zone options, review transportation needs and much more. Here in MISD, students attend school based on where they live. Some campuses provide unique and specialized programs and your student may be required to attend a different campus.

Attendance Boundaries Guiding Principles

MISD is expected to continue to grow as the area attracts new master-planned developments. MISD believes in being responsible stewards of our taxpayer dollars, and many considerations are given during the process, including maximizing the efficient and effective use of facilities to reduce overcrowding, balance enrollment and plans for future growth while being responsive to parent input.

The following principles are used as a guide during the district’s boundary process:

  • Capacity of campuses,

  • Parent input,

  • Demographic factors,

  • Geographical proximity,

  • Location of existing neighborhoods and communities,

  • Location of natural or other boundaries such as major roadways, railroad tracks, creeks; 

  • Minimize the impact on families,

  • Possible location of future schools,

  • Projected enrollment for campuses and,

  • Transportation patterns.

MISD believes in open and transparent communication. As part of this strongly held belief, the district offers a variety of ways including:

  • email (

  • boundary input survey for elementary parents, and

  • informational meetings at the elementary campuses in the month of October.

School Projection Maps

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