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District Announces Plans to Begin Work on Elementary Boundaries
Kate Hope

As you may know, the district’s ninth elementary, Audubon Elementary, is currently under construction and scheduled to open in August 2024. The last time MISD changed elementary boundaries was in 2005 with the opening of Ellisor Elementary.

With the growth in our area and new schools being built from the November 2022 Bond, now is the time to evaluate and determine a plan to adjust our elementary school attendance boundaries in preparation for opening Audubon Elementary at the start of the 2024-25 school year. MISD will start planning for intermediate school #3 and junior high #3 attendance boundaries this time next year.

The boundary process takes approximately one year leading up to the opening of a new school. This includes collecting parent input, evaluating enrollment projections, developing proposed boundaries, setting up registration systems for new student registration in the spring semester, and hiring and balancing staff.

The MISD board and administration believe in being responsible stewards of our taxpayer dollars. Many considerations are given during the boundary process, including maximizing the efficient and effective use of facilities to reduce overcrowding, balancing enrollment, providing high-quality instruction, and planning for future growth while being responsive to your input.

The following guiding principles have been developed to use to assist during the district’s boundary process:

  • Input from MISD parents,

  • Capacity of campuses and utilization of seat space,

  • Demographic factors,

  • Geographical proximity to neighborhoods and length of commute,

  • Current zoning of existing neighborhoods and communities,

  • Location of natural or other boundaries such as major roadways, railroad tracks, and creeks;

  • Limiting the impact on families,

  • Possible location of future schools,

  • Projected enrollment for campuses, and

  • Transportation patterns and safety issues related to transportation.


MISD believes in open and transparent communication. As part of the boundary process, we have developed a website and timeline for creating and approving our new elementary boundaries. MISD parents of secondary schools and community members can submit their input via email at Below is the timeline:

Sept. 11 Elementary parents will receive an email with a specific link to respond to a survey. This survey aims to understand and identify parameters and key considerations from our elementary parents when adjusting boundaries.

Sept. 21 The survey closes, and MISD analyzes the data to develop proposed elementary boundaries.

Oct. 18 Parents receive an email with a link to the proposed boundaries. The goal is to receive elementary parent feedback and build a consensus for the proposed boundaries.

Nov. 1 The survey closes, and MISD analyzes the data and has a consensus for the proposed elementary boundaries.

Dec. 11 The proposed elementary boundary is presented to the Board of Trustees for approval.

As we work through this process, MISD will communicate with parents through phone, text, and email. It is important for you to engage in this process so MISD can use your input and develop a proposal while balancing the goals and considerations stated above.

We look forward to hearing from you and communicating with you during this process. Thank you for being our partner.