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Dr. Todd Stephens Academy
Kate Hope


Dr. Todd Stephens Academy

During the May 13, 2024, Board Meeting, the Trustees unanimously voted to rename ALPHA Academy to the Dr. Todd Stephens Academy. When Magnolia ISD built ALPHA Academy in 2002, Dr. Todd Stephens was pivotal in seeing a need for a nontraditional school in the district. 

Dr. Stephens, then the Assistant Superintendent, recognized the need to support students who were not thriving in a traditional high school setting. His dedication to the students was evident in his mantra, “Let’s keep the main thing the main thing,” which emphasized that our primary focus should always be on the students. His vision for the academy was a testament to this, providing a pathway for students who preferred to concentrate solely on coursework without the distractions of extracurricular activities. This approach also offered at-risk students a better chance to graduate from high school, opening up new avenues for their success. 

Board President Gary Blizzard unveiled the new name during the retirement celebration on May 1.

"The Board and administration are proud to honor you for your unwavering commitment to our students and Magnolia ISD," said Board President Gary Blizzard. "Your visionary leadership over 20 years ago has led to the graduation of over 1,300 students from ALPHA Academy today.”

Today, the academy has evolved to include a self-paced program that allows students to complete their graduation requirements at any time during the school year. This has helped students who want to start working, join the military, or attend a trade school to further their education. 

During the March board meeting, Dr. Stephens announced his retirement effective at the end of the school year. He has been in education for 43 years, with Magnolia ISD for 25 years, and served as superintendent for the last 15 years.

Dr. Todd Stephens Academy