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Money Matters in Magnolia ISD
Kate Hope

The district has launched a comprehensive communications project called Money Matters in Magnolia ISD. This project is designed to create an informed community surrounding the topic of public school finance and the Magnolia ISD budget. In MISD, we keep our focus on the main thing, our students. But, money matters when it comes to being good stewards of our taxpayer dollars and providing opportunities and resources to support student learning and success. 

Magnolia ISD has a history of passing balanced budgets, spending conservatively to support student learning, and paying down voter-approved bond debt early to save local taxpayers money. We also have a history of hiring the best educators and support staff and providing competitive salaries and benefits. Still, school funding in Texas and rising inflationary costs are adding stress to all school budgets. Magnolia ISD has not been immune from these pressures. We cannot continue to keep doing more, with less. 

As a result, Magnolia ISD is launching a new website to educate our families about the basics of public school finance. Our hope is that understanding Money Matters in Magnolia ISD will ignite interest and a conversation in our community. MISD students deserve opportunities to learn and thrive without facing program and budget cuts, and we want to be able to recruit, reward, and retain the very best educators to support student success. 

Please take a few moments to visit our Money Matters website and let us know what you think. Ultimately, we hope our efforts will create greater understanding as we educate and engage our families in the work ahead.