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Magnolia Market
Denise Meyers

On Monday, March 6, the 3rd and 4th grade REACH students participated in their own simulated town, Magnolia Market. Over 160 advanced academic students across the district have worked toward this day for nine weeks. After they selected their business in January, they created a website and developed a business plan, cost sheet, and product list. The students also created Chance Cards that were drawn throughout the market day to mimic real-life experiences, both positive and negative. 

Over the course of the project, the students learned about salaries, bank accounts, transactions, loans, operating costs, budgets, and more with a goal in mind to answer the overarching question: How can we design a city that is safe, healthy, sustainable and fun to live in while being a fiscally responsible citizen? “I think it’s really good that kids can learn how to run a business”, said fourth grader Laine Collins from Bear Branch Elementary. 

The market included 30 businesses plus activities such as mini golf, BINGO, Spotify for music requests, an art gallery for art lessons, a post office, city hall, and an emergency room. The students alternated working and shopping, visiting each business with their Magnolia Market credit cards and interacting with each business. 

“I am so proud of our GT students and teachers! This project presented itself with new challenges for our team; however, their mission of a successful experience for our students never wavered. This type of project outshines many projects across the state! We are definitely ‘dedicated to being the best’ GT program in the state!” Alana Wood, Director of Advanced Academics. 

Magnolia ISD offers advanced academics / GT for students beginning in kindergarten through 12th grade. 

Thank you to our business partners for their donations that helped make the market successful: HEB, 5 Point Credit Union, America’s ER, Magnolia Police Department, Moffatt Eye Care, and Woodforest National Bank. 



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