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Vision, Mission, Goals

Vision Statement Magnolia ISD is dedicated to be the best district in the State of Texas.
Mission Statement The mission of the Magnolia Independent School District is to provide an educational environment that will enable all students to develop essential academic skills for a lifetime of learning and to prepare students to be responsible, contributing citizens in a diverse and changing world.

Goal 1 MISD students will achieve their maximum academic potential. 
Goal 2 MISD will provide a secure, nurturing, and disciplined learning environment.
Goal 3 MISD and the community will be partners in the continuing improvement of the educational system to insure unity and consistency throughout the district. Goal 4 MISD will recruit, develop, and retain the high quality staff required to provide the best educational experience for all students.
Goal 5 MISD will effectively manage all District financial resources to  maximize the educational resources available for students.
Goal 6 MISD will incorporate state of the art technology and other tools to maximize the academic potential of students and management skills of district personnel.