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2022 Military Ball

This year's Military Ball is on Saturday February 12th at the Magnolia Event Center. Doors will open 1700 (5 pm) for pictures, dress code checks (male and female) and last minute preparations. Cadets will enter the ballroom after going through the Receiving Line which is scheduled to begin about 1815 (6:15 pm). Once the Receiving Line is concluded, the official phase of the ball begins with the Head Table being piped aboard -- anyone arriving after the official phase starts will not be allowed to enter the ball room until it has concluded and dinner is being served.  Dinner should begin at approximately 1915 (7:15 pm). 

After dinner, the cake will be cut and served, followed by formal toasts to wrap up the official portion of the ball.  Music, dancing and karaoke will follow until 2300 (11 pm) when the ball will conclude. Cadets and guests will be directed to call for their rides (if they are not driving) at 2230 (10:30 pm).

Per MISD policy, once cadets and guests have entered the ballroom, anyone leaving the building will not be allowed to re-enter the building; anyone needing to leave the building must have permission from an NJROTC instructors prior to leaving the building and adhere to all the conditions set when outside and when re-entering the building.  


Ball Portraits By CMJ


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