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Magnolia Bowl NJROTC March-On

Event Description: The Magnolia Navy JROTC unit will conduct a battalion march-on before the start of the Magnolia HS vs Magnolia West HS football game (The Magnolia Bowl). The entire battalion will pass-in-review and form up on the football field prior to the start of the game.

Date: Friday, 07 October 2022

Report Time:  5:30pm

Report Location:  Magnolia High School (NJROTC Dive Locker area)

Uniform:  Cadets must report in full uniform (do not forget your cover or belt!!)

Notes:  This is a graded mandatory and graded event for all cadets

·        Game starts at 7:00pm

·        Cadets should have eaten a light dinner and be well hydrated

·        We encourage parents to attend and be seated by 6:30pm

·        After March-on, the battalion will be seated together on the Magnolia side of the field

  ·     Family and friends will not be allowed to sit in the cadet section during the 1st half

·       Cadets will be released at half time and can then go home if desired

·        Cadets must remain in full uniform until halftime

·        If cadets decide to change out of their uniform at halftime, they must remove their entire uniform

·       The NJROTC  Dive Locker will not be open during the game to store uniforms or a change clothes