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Magnolia West High School Info

Note: School Starts on 11 August 2021 - The transportation shuttle to MHS will not run on Wed (11 Aug) and Thurs (12 Aug). MWHS cadets are directed to report to the commons at MWHS during normal school times for 1st period.  The shuttle will commence on Friday 13 August.



You have a few options.  First, you can be dropped off at the MHS campus between the hours of 0640 and 0700;  second,  you can catch the Junior High shuttle. (call transportation for times);  third, you can ride your regular bus to MWHS and catch the shuttle from there, but this will only work if your regular bus arrives at MWHS before the shuttle leaves (call transportation for times).  You will be marked as ABSENT if you miss class if you don't come to MWS, even if you stay on the MWHS campus.

Transportation phone: 281-252-2221

The Magnolia NJROTC schedule will be as follows

0/1st Period:  MWHS 

2nd - 4th Period: MHS 

5th Period: Instructor Conference Period

6th - 7th Period: MHS


NJROTC Instructors:  Captain Nels Swanson / Master Chief Corey Seymour / Chief John Cranford 

NJROTC Office:  Phone: 281-252-2160